The Dragon Boat Race unites sport, lifestyle and culture. It’s open to EVERYONE. Everyone is entitled to form a dragon boat team with their friends, colleagues, relatives and partners.

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02.04.2014: Sold out in no time, faster than a rock concert

Every year we can tell the story of a new record. This year we arrived at 1 minute and 50 seconds and al the starting positions were sold out. Unbelievable and a big encouragement for the organisation team to offer dragon boat racing at its best in Eglisau by the end of June. 


28.02.2014: Revised registration procedure for the 2014 Dragon Boat Race in Eglisau

Since we have regularly been overrun with registration entries for the Dragon boat Race Eglisau for the last couple of years, we have made some improvements to our registration procedure for the 2014 race. What’s new? From this year on, the previous year’s top 3 teams from each category can profit from the opportunity to register before the official application date. Therefore, if you made it to the podium in 2013, you will receive a pre-registration option to sign in your team for this year’s race. For all the other teams, be prepared for April 1st and register your team as soon as the clock strikes 12.00 noon. We will inform you within the next 48 hours, if your team is in the race, or not. Good Luck!


17.05.2013: Züri Fäscht 2013 - 50 days to go!

Register your team now and be part of this year's race in the middle of Zurich's biggest party.




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